10 Reasons Why You Should Come To The Taco Truck Challenge

April 22, 2015
1. Tacos, duh! 
2. You get to hang out with us weirdos from The End
3. It's at Volunteer Park, which is totally beautiful (Even on a rainy day...)
4. Wild Party - These dudes sound exactly like their band name - Should be so much fun!
5. Colorworks - Support local music!
6. Margaritas, duh!
7. It'll get you out of the house! (Don't worry, Netflix will be there when you get back)
8. It benefits the SeaFair Foundation which helps local youth!
9. Zach's DJ set (I mean, you've heard Subtronic right? This is gonna be good.)
10. It's only $5 to get in!

See you May 2nd! Click here for all the details.