11 Best Locals Only Albums of the Year

November 25, 2015

20-15 has been an insanely good year for local music. Seattle must have something very special floating around in our water because how else do you explain the insane amount of talent that comes out of this city? You can't. It's friggen magic and it was not easy putting together this list of the 11 Best Locals Only Albums of the Year, but somebody had to do it. Go listen to them all immediately. You can thank me later.

(in no particular order...)

Hibou - Hibou

Lemolo - Red Right Return

Fauna Shade - Baton Rouge

Motopony - Welcome You

Ivan & Alyosha - It's All Just Pretend

La Luz - Weirdo Shrine 

Robert DeLong - In The Cards

Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home

Say Hi - Bleeders Digest

Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Style

Beat Connection - Product 3