5 Things We Learned from The X-Files Trailer

September 29, 2015

I think up until last night I was still in denial that The X-Files is really coming back to TV, but after seeing that two-part trailer, it's starting to feel real! If you haven't heard, Mulder and Scully will be returning to the small screen in January for a 6 episode arc of The X-Files. The show ended back in 2002, so a lot has changed between now and then. I'm very curious how they're going to wrap up everything or if that's even a priority. I kind of just want 6 "Monster of the Week" type episodes, but at the same time... some closure would be nice. After seeing the trailer, I think we now have an idea of what to expect! Watch it below.

Here's what we learned:

1. Mulder, Scully, and Skinner are all back together again. Looking really good, might I add! (Well Mulder looks a little rough, but it's okay) We know that Scully still has Mulder's phone number, but it doesn't look like they've talked in a long time. :( 

2. "They police us and spy on us..." - looks like Mulder is not a fan of the NSA or any kind of government surveillance, but what's new? Seems like this will be the focus of their work. How 2015 of them!

3. The message "Don't Give Up" drawn on someone's car proves that Mulder and Scully still have some people willing to help them out in their quest for the truth. (I can't wait to see The Lone Gunmen and whatever character Kumail Nanjiani ends up being!)

4. There will be military flashbacks... But why? Of who? Is it Roswell? Will there be aliens? This storyline better not suck.

5. Cigarette Smoking Man is still alive somehow, I mean... WHAT!? That's crazy. Maybe he'll be a good guy this time?

Did I miss anything? And is it January 24th yet? I'm so ready for the return of The X-Files!