9 X-Files related items that I need in my life!

September 1, 2015

Quite a bit of my life revolves around a TV show from the 90's. Not sure if that's sad or weird or whatever, but I don't care. I love The X-Files. I'm currently catching up on Kumail Nanjiani's X-Files Files podcast, while re-watching the whole show for #TheXFiles201Days, and planning my own podcast - if I can think of a good reason to start one. All of this is prep for the return of The X-Files in January and to get myself ready for The X-Files Fandom Panel at GeekGirlCon next month. So now that we've gotten the backstory out of the way, here's some rad X-Files memoribilia that you can buy online if you're just as obsessed with the show as I am. Or if you wanted to buy me a present or something... I mean, whatever. 

1. Fox Mulder Bobblehead - we obviously need this in the studio to add to our collection. OBVIOUSLY!

2. "I Want To Believe" handmade banner - for my inevitable X-Files themed birthday party.

3. Scully Women's Crop Top - this is so trendy that I can't even believe it exists, but I want to. Get it? See what I did there? lolz

4. Sasquatch Cookie Cutter - like I needed an excuse to bake or eat cookies! Did you know The X-Files never actually did a Bigfoot/Sasquatch episode? There were mentions, but never a full episode. I'm hoping for an appearance in the re-boot!

5. "The Truth Is Out There" t-shirt - with Mulder & Scully looking like they're posing for their new Hip Hop record.

6. Alien stud earrings - so I can secretly be super nerdy without most people seeing/knowing. 

7. One of the amazing posters from this X-Files Poster Project. I can't decide which one I want yet! 

8. X-Files notebook - so I can write down all of my favorite quotes from the show and brainstorm that podcast I'm still not sure I'll ever do...

9. UFO nail decals - because they're amazing, that's why!