Concert Review: The Watkins Family Hour w/ Fiona Apple

August 23, 2015
After taking a few days off to attend my sister's wedding in Idaho, I drove back to Seattle as fast as I could yesterday to make sure I didn't miss an incredible show at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. If you aren't familiar with The Watkins Family Hour, it's a variety show of sorts but just for music. It stars Sara and Sean Watkins from Nickel Creek and several other rotating musicians including Fiona Apple. They sold out 2 nights at the Tractor this past weekend and if I could have gone to both shows, believe me - I would have. What an incredible night! I was super impressed with Sara and Sean and their whole cast of incredible musicians but obviously I was there to see my queen, Fiona. She's looking fabulous as a blonde and her voice has never sounded better. She seemed really genuinely happy to be on stage playing music with her friends. They covered Bob Dylan and Fiona killed the classic that is "Jolene" and just when I thought the show couldn't get any better - they actually played one of Apple's songs! I nearly cried. No really, I teared up a little. And then friggen Locals Only artist, Kris Orlowski jumped on stage to play a couple of his songs and I pretty much died of jealousy. I don't think I'm really describing the show very well - just imagine a bunch of talented musicians jamming together and taking turns playing their music and covering their favorite songs. It was great. Wish you could have been there.