Do you use Snapchat?

September 16, 2015

Wasting time on your phone is the best thing ever... if you like never getting anything done.There's a bajillion apps and podcasts and games and all kinds of social media options, but I think Snapchat might be my favorite time waster these days. I'll admit I was a little late to the Snapchat game because I thought people just used it to send dirty pictures to eachother, but now I see the true potential of the app. Basically, you use Snapchat to send "snaps" to your friends that they can only view once and for a few seconds, then the snap disappears. You can send a photo or a video and you can add emojis/text to it to make the snap unique. They just added filters that turn you into a monster and let you barf rainbows, too! I LOVE THESE NEW FILTERS! Here's proof: 

LOL. Seriously, Snapchat is great. Add us on there @ theend1077 and watch "My Story" from this morning here