END RECOMMENDS: Cataldo, Viet Cong, & Slow Bird!

March 25, 2015

What do all three of those shows have in common? They're all happening at Barboza this week! First up is Cataldo, a former Locals Only Artist of the Month. Eric and the gang will be playing on March 26th(that's tonight!) with Chris Staples and Valley Maker opening. Tickets are only $8 and it will be the best 8 bucks you spend on live music this year because Cataldo is friggen phenomenal. Click here for tickets & check out their music video for "Gilded Oldies" below: 

Next, we have Viet Cong - a Canadian band I have been obsessed with since last year. "Silhouettes" and "Continental Shelf" are my jams! The band has been getting some backlash lately over their name, but don't let that deter you from checking them out. They're like Joy Division meets Deerhunter meets something else. So good. They play Barboza on Friday night, the 27th. The show's SOLD OUT(sorry) but I'm totally going so I had to mention them. 

And finally, we have Slow Bird. This Locals Only favorite is playing Barboza on the 29th with The Velvet Teen and Hot Victory. Tickets are only $10(get them here) and it's a Sunday night, so come on... it's not like you have important shows to watch or anything. Do yourself a favor and listen to "Sea Salt" from Slow Bird before the show. This song is so beautiful, and you'll want to learn all the words. I love it! 

Slow Bird - Sea Salt Studio Session from Austin Goldberg on Vimeo.