Father John Misty's back with a vengeance.

January 28, 2015
Josh Tillman has a new record coming out in February and he's done some pretty strange things to promote the album. From wandering around New York with a karaoke machine to releasing his record on a fake music streaming website, he's definitely gotten our attention. Make sure you pick up "I Love You, Honeybear" when it drops on February 10th. Click here to listen to a version of the album and watch him perform a couple new songs.

I know I may be a little biased, but everything Father John Misty does is perfection. The dude is unlike anyone else... in the best way possible. If you've seen him live, you know what I'm talking about. I've been lucky enough to listen to his new album already and it does not disappoint. It's all romance, sarcasm, and moody vocals. SWOON!

Photo via flickr.