Guess who's gonna be on a panel at GeekGirlCon?

September 28, 2015

Me, the answer is totally me! I am beyond honored to be a part of GeekGirlCon this year. I'll be joining five other wonderful ladies on a panel called X-Files: Can't Stop Believing! We'll be discussing the TV show and the fandom surrounding it and I'm sure we'll all just completely "fan girl out" because we're super excited about the re-boot. Our panel is on Saturday, October 10th, at 2pm inside The Conference Center on 8th & Pike. If you want to find out more or buy passes - click here.

This will actually be my first time attending GeekGirlCon so I'm really excited to check it out. There's gonna be games to play and artist booths to shop at and a ton of other great panels to sit in on. I'm sure most people will be dressed up as well. Speaking of, I still can't decide if I should go "Full X-Phile" and wear my X-Files dress/necklace/etc or if that will just make me look crazy. Oh, who cares.. I'm going to be on an X-Files fandom panel! I might as well embrace it, right? If you're a fan of comics, sci-fi, science, and everything in between - I highly recommend GeekGirlCon! See you there.