Here are my Top 5 Favorite Moments from Summer Camp 2015!

August 16, 2015
Shout out to Mat Hayward for making me look real cool in that photo up there. How amazing was this year's Summer Camp? From the lineup to the weather to the fans to Dumpling Tzar being there to Motley Zoo making everyone's day backstage with puppies and kittens to... well, everything really. It was perfect. And I'm saying that even though my mic LITERALLY never worked whenever I had to do a stage announcement. Anyway... here are my favorite Summer Camp moments: 

#1. Ivan & Alyosha

Ivan & Alyosha kicking off the show and making me so damn proud to call them our Locals Only Artist of the Month!

#2. Joywave.... kinda

Joywave ignoring all of my interview questions but somehow still being super funny.

#3. Matt & Kim

This amazing family portrait of Matt & Kim and the adorable dogs from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Matt & Kim are literally the best, so here they are again. 

#4. Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong had my favorite set of the night, is the coolest dude, and judging by this photo - will soon be music's latest heart-throb! DAYUM.

#5. Cody, Gregr, Manley, & Zach

And of course The Tie Dye Squad! Love working with these dummies.

(By the way, Meg Myers totally joined the Tie Dye Squad on Saturday and we're pretty excited about it. Oh speaking of Meg Myers, her set was INCREDIBLE. She nearly destroyed the stage with her voice, I was so impressed. And she's the coolest. Love Love Love.)

There were a bunch of other great moments, but these were definitely my favorites. Thanks again for coming to Summer Camp!