Here's my Summer Camp interview with Ivan & Alyosha!

August 17, 2015
I learned quite a few things during my Summer Camp interviews. One - that I need to go on a diet (or at least never sit next to Meg Myers again.) Two - flash card questions don't always go as planned. Three - if you hand your microphone to one of the band members, no one will be able to hear you in the video. Four - everyone hates mosquito bites. EVERYONE. 

I am so insanely proud of the dudes from Ivan & Alyosha. Getting to champion them on the radio and add them to the Summer Camp lineup was so huge! They put out an INSANELY GOOD new record this year and having been touring like crazy and working their butts off and I hope you fell in love with them at Summer Camp, because they're incredible. Make sure you check out their music before August is over, click here to go to the Locals Only page. Here's my interview with the dudes where we talk about my great taste in music and I embarrass myself by not talking into the microphone for awhile. Enjoy!