Here's where you should get pie on Pi Day!

March 12, 2015
Tomorrow is March 14th which is now known to most people as "Pi Day"! If you aren't familiar, Pi = 3.14159265359 and you probably should have learned about it in math class at some point. Anyway, tomorrow is a special Pi Day as it will be 3/14/15 and if you eat some pie at 9:26am or pm, it gets REALLY special! So where should you celebrate this silly holiday? How about A la Mode pies on Phinney? The White Chocolate Banana pie is amazing! There's also High 5 Pie up on 12th Ave. where you can get a Piepop or a Cutie Pie! If you're in Fremont, go check out the Pie Mobile for sweet and savory pies to go. And finally, Pie Bar is opening a brand new location in Ballard just in time for Pi Day, so I definitely know where I'll be tomorrow! (I'm a Ballardian in case you didn't know) I'M GONNA EAT ALL THE PIES! ALL OF EM! Because calories don't count on the weekend, right? ;)

Pie photo via flickr.