ICYMI: Brandon Flowers played some Killers' songs at Bumbershoot!

September 8, 2015

I've been obsessed with the new solo record from Brandon Flowers for months! So naturally, I made sure I was at Memorial Stadium on Labor Day to witness his live set at Bumbershoot. Dude did not disappoint! He played a few songs off The Desired Effect (not enough in my opinion), worked the crowd, made jokes, and delighted us all by playing a few songs from The Killers. You know Brandon is the lead singer for that band, right? There were some teenagers at the festival that didn't quite get it... which made me feel really old. I'm only 27! Anyway, he opened with "Human" and ended his set with "Mr. Brightside" and somewhere in the middle he did a crazy good version of "Read My Mind" which you can watch here.