Do you even Podcast, bro?

October 22, 2015

This year I've been listening to a lot less music and a lot more podcasts. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I feel like I'm learning more... if that makes sense. First, there was Serial. Everyone and their mom was addicted to that podcast and whether or not Adnan killed Hae Min Lee. It was real, it was interesting, it made you think. And that last point is why I'm really getting drawn to podcasts. I want to think! I want to ask questions and play detective and form my own educated opinions about things. Who knew podcasts could be so much more than just making fart noises into a microphone with your buddy!?

(By the way, Season 2 of Serial is rumored to be coming out next month!) Until then, I'm listening to The X-Files Files with Kumail Nanjiani - which is obviously about the incredible show that is The X-Files. And I just started listening to Criminal, which is sort of like Serial, but much shorter and each episode is about a different crime or mystery. I like it a lot so far. A friend of mine keeps raving about the How Did This Get Made? podcast, so I think I'll be starting that one soon as well.

I definitely want to start my own podcast eventually... I just can't decide what I'd want to talk about every week. And I feel like I need to find the perfect co-host or contributor to help me with it. I'll keep you posted.

Are there any good podcasts you would recommend? If so, let me know! YAY PODCASTS!