New Music Discovery: Coldplay - "Adventure of a Lifetime"

November 6, 2015

SURPRISE! Coldplay just dropped a brand new single and announced they have an album coming out on 12/4! The record is called A Head Full of Dreams and judging by the first song we're hearing from it, it's gonna be a fun, up-beat album for sure. Here's what Stereogum had to say: "The album’s first single is certainly a bright, sparkly pop tune, even by this band’s standards. It’s a Coldplay take on disco-funk, with an Afro-pop guitar figure and some strutting rhythm-section work along with all the usual vague uplift." Interesting, right? The first time I heard "Adventure of a Lifetime" I wasn't really quite sure if I liked it or not, but after listening to the track again today... I think I'm starting to get it. Give the song a couple spins below and let us know what you think!