Sasquatch 2015: RECAP

May 26, 2015
I just got home from my 4th Sasquatch! Music Festival; I went to The Gorge in 2008, 2011, 2013, and of course this year. 2015 was by far the hottest Sasquatch out of all the years I've gone. It was kind of brutal. Camping for 4+ days in the heat and the dust and the grass and the rain can really take its toll on you. But that view! How can you complain about that friggen view? It's worth the trip by itself. In fact, if you've never climbed up that big hill to the top of the main stage you should put it on your bucket list.


Can we talk about how awesome my ride to Sasquatch was? Chaplin's Bellevue Volkswagen let me borrow a brand new Passat TDI for my road trip and it was so much fun to drive. It's smooth and fast and because it's diesel; we only had to use half a tank of gas round trip. HALF A TANK OF GAS TO DRIVE TO THE GORGE AND BACK! That's unheard of. I also really loved the windshield wipers. I know that's silly, but this is Seattle and windshield wipers are important! Check the car out for yourself here. 

The festival kicked off with a huge crowd for Seattle band, Thunderpussy! These ladies totally slayed. I was blown away.

Then I ran into one of my absolute favorite local bands, Slow Bird! Seriously - I love them and you should too. 

I spotted these girls using a selfie stick and couldn't resist taking this photo. I did a lot of wandering around on Friday so I could check out this year's setup.

I found Henry in the wild while he was doing his thing. His Sasquatch paintings are so perfect for this festival.

I spent some time sitting on the grass at the mainstage watching people "oohhh" and "ahhhh" over the view. This dude lost his mind when he came up over the hill wearing nothing but overalls, because of course.

On Friday, Of Monsters & Men were definitely the highlight. They were pure drama and magic on stage that night. 


It was another beautiful day at The Gorge! Here's everyone walking in after the gates opened...

On Day 2 of Sasquatch, I spent a lot of time in the VIP area soaking up this view. Amazing, right? 

Perfume Genius' set was so good that I was immediately depressed when it was over. He is going to be HUGE. (He's that little guy wearing black on stage and dancing while a bajillion people watched)

The Decemberists broke my heart with their show at sunset. It was so beautiful and perfect and yeah, I love them. Forever.

I "snuck" into the photo pit for Father John Misty's set because I needed to be up close. He killed Sasquatch. Best performance of the weekend, by far. But you know... I might be a little biased.

The crowd for Modest Mouse was massive!

So naturally I opted to watch their set on a TV in VIP. (BTW - I was supposed to interview Isaac Brock but we kind of blew eachother off. He was only free at 9:30pm when I was running back and forth between The Decemberists and Father John Misty so... yeah, I couldn't make it. He never texted me back anyway though so I think it was mutual.) 

Spoon was incredible as always. They went on pretty late at night so everything was super dark, but it was kind of perfect with their music.


Oh boy was Sunday rough. We were all exhausted and hot and hungover and on top of all that, my allergies started to get really bad. I couldn't put on sunscreen or makeup because I would just immediately cry or snot it off. I was disgusting and miserable. So I ended up taking the day "off" from Sasquatch - which was a bummer. I rallied and went in after 5pm though because there was no way I was missing St. Vincent!

Annie Clark is a beautiful rock n roll goddess who can shred like nobody's business. She blew me away. 

Get ready for a bunch of sunset photos because Sunday night's was one for the books!


Even though I missed all the music and fun that day - at least I got to see this!

*insert heart eyed emoji*


Day 4 of Sasquatch kicked off with a great set from Courtney Barnett. She's so effing cool. I'm a big fan and I'm very sad that I missed a chance to meet her this day because I was still in a gross allergy haze and didn't want to subject her to my nastiness. Sigh.

It finally rained on Monday which made me super happy. Because I got to use my emergency poncho and because it temporarily made me feel human again.

Seeing Future Islands live will change your life. No one has better dance moves on this earth than that guy right there. The entire crowd was losing their mind for him!


The sun returned for Tame Impala and gave us this incredible light show. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was stunning.

That light! Those colors! So beautiful.

And that was a wrap on Sasquatch 2015. 

Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of crowds so I usually hang up top or in the back for shows - meaning sucky photos.

All the artists I saw but didn't pull out my phone for are: Sisters, Slow Bird, Sleater-Kinney, Jungle, Temples, Will Butler, Action Bronson, Glass Animals, Run The Jewels, Schoolboy Q, Jenny Lewis, Hot Chip, The War on Drugs, and probably a couple bands that I forgot. Thanks for a pretty good time Sasquatch! VIP was amazing, the lineup was killer, and the weather was the worst. Wait - no, my allergies were the worst, but the weather was a close second. Until next time!

For more photos and even a few videos - check out our Instagram!

Oh and a HUGE HUGE thank you to Mat Hayward, our photographer. Dude was running around in crazy hot weather and working his butt off to get beautiful photos for us at Sasquatch. He's the best. See what he saw at the festival by clicking here