What's up with traffic in Seattle?

September 15, 2014
Everyone seems to be complaining more and more about traffic lately. We live in a big city, so traffic is to be expected. I know there has been construction and a lot of people have moved here recently, but why is it soooo bad? Driving is always the worst idea. Riding a bike everywhere can unfortunately be dangerous, but it's great exercise and good for the environment. Taking the bus seems to be the most popular way to get around Seattle, but if the city keeps cutting bus service, they'll become unbearably overcrowded. We all just want a reliable, affordable, and safe way to get around the city, right? So, how can we make it happen? After reading this article about our traffic, I feel kind of helpless. I want to help though, so if you know how I can or you have a great idea to reduce traffic in Seattle, let me know in the comments below. 

Photo via flickr.