Which Seattle thrift shop is your favorite?

March 22, 2015

I love thrifting! Back in high school, I used to obsessively shop at Goodwill and Savers just so I could find clothes that none of my friends had. I used to wear the strangest men's t-shirts and Members Only jackets. And none of my tops had collars because I would cut them out. The early 2000's were a strange time. Anyway, thrifting is still a lot of fun! I've found so many vinyl records and cool vintage furniture pieces, plus the occasional band tee. This weekend I decided to go thrifting in Fremont and while I went to a few different spots, the Fremont Vintage Mall was definitely my favorite! Here's a couple reasons why:

I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT HOW TINY THIS AWESOME SEAHAWKS SWEATER WAS! But, they had a ton of great vintage Hawks gear to choose from.

That framed picture of Bowie? I kind of regret not buying it. It would have looked so good on my desk. I couldn't find any Bowie records at the FVM, but their vinyl selection is insane! So huge and so cheap.

You really can't miss the Fremont Vintage Mall with it's brightly colored door (yellow's my favorite color so I may be biased..) and those paintings! Love it. 

Look at all that cool stuff! Bikes, neon signs, and a jukebox. This is just one tiny corner in there. 

So, there ya have it. Let's go thrifting sometime! Actually, if you have a favorite thrift or antique shop in Seattle - let me know in the comments!