Full 90 - Extra Time

A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture, fan
outrage, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by
foreign royalty, MLS.

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031 - Noticias Falsas

4-0 makes for a lot of silliness, so does Gregr drinking two beers before we start... The Bite of Seattle could take on a whole new meaning. Our new central...

030 - Definitely A Cop

Ever since Gregr got back from Europe, someone left the hamstring ripper plugged in. We're not saying it was him, but also, pretty big coincidence... Seattle...

029 - VAR Poops

The last time Gregr podcasted was Freddy Montero still a Sounder? Seattle has gone 9 (8) straight without dropping a point yet somehow are in a worse position...

028 - Thats Not Smoke

Six in a row has a nice ring to it! Schmetz gives us his best Madden, Fartland fans smell like farts, our MOTM is a secret agent! Plus the usual #...

027 - Brad Bradsmith

Seattle Sounders FC set records in the weirdest ways winning their 5th straight match - unbeaten in 8! This week we slide tackle the other pizza pockets, our...

026 - Unheard Of Outrage

Let's try this again... Settle down, Karl. Seattle's unbeaten streak continues growing to seven matches. Don't worry about insuring your boat - Do worry about...