Full 90 - Extra Time

A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture, fan
outrage, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by
foreign royalty, MLS.
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S2E26 - Sweet Stefan’s Fries

Sounders FC are in Pemco commercial standoff “you have the last piece, no really I mean it, you sure? Does anyone else want it? No no I’m actually full anyway...

S2E25 - Chad Evans Neck Tats

The army of clones in Rave Green march their way back home to decisively (and terrifyingly) beat the Red Bulls, but it’s the next few that count. We talk fans...

S2E24 - The Hand of Wad

A ragtag group of children go to Colorado and get beat by a bleached brazilian who may or may not have a brazilian. We join Fan Outrage to get mad at...

S2E23 - Kit Man

Just like Sumo in September, we’re back! Just in time to see LITERALLY (not literally) EVERY PLAYER leave. Sounders break out the jazz piano for Kitman to play...

S2E22 - Etsy Messi

Yes, we had THAT conversation. Could you fire your own dad? Sounders‘ new dad is Zlatan and they are one bad result from being below the line. Cascadia Cup is...