Full 90 Soccer Time

Full 90 Soccer Time

A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture,
fan outrage, sumo, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league
not funded by foreign royalty, MLS.
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Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E09 - Name That Bird

Our DEFINITELY weekly look into Seattle Sounders FC. We could be getting close to an MLS return unless players and the league can’t figure out who gets Danny...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E08 - Cardboard Fans

Times are bleak when even our biggest-bois can’t compete. If one player were to have no impulse control and get a face tattoo, we all know who it would be...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E07 - "You could hear them fart"

Well, this was uploaded to the wrong feed so it never went live here. Good job, Gregr. We don’t know when we’ll soccer again, but we do know that Sumo has not...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E06 - Haus Musik

Seattle’s third most famous celebrity joins Full 90 Soccer Time this week as we break down the hottest soccer league hopefully getting some of that foreign...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E05 - Best Ever Man Of The Match

Do you miss sports? Do you miss haircuts? We can’t fix either of those things, but we can make dildo jokes and talk about Nico’s new facial hair. We’re all...