Full 90 Soccer Time

Full 90 Soccer Time

A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture,
fan outrage, sumo, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league
not funded by foreign royalty, MLS.
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Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E01 - Welcome Back!

Like that annoying alarm clock that starts screaming at you to let you know the off-season is over, WE’RE BACK! With an off-kilter star on our chest and a fast...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S2E34 - The Full 90 Awards

Sounders will lose one player, but who will it be? Find out next week on true survivor! Or skip ahead to 24:00 as we dish out our end of season awards to see...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S2E33 - Definitely Two Stars

Come to our party on November 23 at Flatstick Pub! 3pm-6pm, 21+, free games! Sounders won the cup, but more importantly, does that make them Yokozuna? We...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S2E32 - 22 Men 1 Cup

The grudge match to end all grudge matches, at least until the 2020 MLS Cup Final between these two teams again. Tune into EhBC to watch the Rave Green take...