Full 90 Soccer Time

Full 90 Soccer Time

A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture,
fan outrage, sumo, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league
not funded by foreign royalty, MLS.
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Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E25 - Hangin Chads

If you’re still getting your news from mlssoccerdotcom.com, what are you doing? Tour de France, check. Sumo, check. Sumo de France, check. Geopolitical...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E24 - AC Seattle

In the literal hellscape we currently live in, it would appear that it is also a groundhog day of a season as the Sounders will play LAFC for the infinith time...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E23 - Fancy France Ranch

Like a stadium in Texas, our podcast feed sounds better with piped in crowd noise and is only 25% full. As you’ll hear, we have to do the 8 mile thing where we...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E22 - Spicy Weiner

When a bad touch leads to discussion about the human condition, it can only mean one thing — soccer is back. Emodiaz pulled the soccer ball out of the Wizard...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E21 - Cape Up

Grab your bi-color cape, we're keeping soccer alive the best way we know how! Let the sickness continue so the league can live. Also, warning about possible...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E20 - Awww Coconuts

We waited for lightning and storms to pass and we still don’t know who the Sounders will play in the Playoffs Jr., or how they somehow secured the #2 seed in...