Full 90 Soccer Time

Full 90 Soccer Time

A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture,
fan outrage, sumo, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league
not funded by foreign royalty, MLS.
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Full 90 Soccer Time

S2E03 - Fear Poops

Japan found the cure for coronavirus*, injury (duty) issues are already a concern, and finally Branden can stop with the fear poops - it's a good thing because...
Full 90 Soccer Time

Stoppage Time - Brad Evans

Sounders FC legend, Brad Evans, took a year with his wife to hop in the airstream and see all the parks. He's back with Sounders FC as a brand ambassador #...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S3E01 - Welcome Back!

Like that annoying alarm clock that starts screaming at you to let you know the off-season is over, WE’RE BACK! With an off-kilter star on our chest and a fast...
Full 90 Soccer Time

S2E34 - The Full 90 Awards

Sounders will lose one player, but who will it be? Find out next week on true survivor! Or skip ahead to 24:00 as we dish out our end of season awards to see...