So You're in Seattle

So You're In Seattle

I'm like asking questions about people who do cool stuff in Seattle.

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So You're in Seattle

084 - Roger Bennett of Men In Blazers

Thursday, March 16th
Roger Bennett had nothing by wonderful things to say about Seattle, the Sounders, and more Seattle with a visit to 1077 The End this morning. Here's our...
So You're in Seattle

083 - Donna Prior

Wednesday, January 11th
Donna is one of the fine nerds responsible for OrcaCon - a huge tabletop gaming fest happening 1/13-15 in Everett! As a nerd myself, I had no idea how out of...
So You're in Seattle

082 - Nick McMahan

Tuesday, December 20th
A man whose world experience far surpasses his age, Nick has toured the country in a rock band, wandered the jungles, peninsulas, and archipelagos of the far...
So You're in Seattle

081 - Keegan Hall

Tuesday, December 6th
An artist who works in pencil, he's Keegan Hall. While art should be left to stand as expression, when collaborations with guys like Kam Chancellor or...