Rock the Blast! Ivan & Alyosha, School of Rock, Macklemore...?!

May 12, 2014
When I stepped out to walk the dogs Saturday morning, I heard a band in the distance playing Black Sabbath "War Pigs". The sound led me to Bryant Elementary where kids from School of Rock were killing it! It was the annual 'Bryant Blast' fundraiser, and this year they decided to get noisy.

Another pleasent surprise was local band Ivan & Alyosha. Despite a horrendous struggle with sound, they played like pros and had kids lining up for autographs. To wrap it all up we headed over to emcee Scott Carty's place for beers. An entertaining day in the neighborhood! 

School of Rock shredding on War Pigs. What better soundtrack for monkey bars and pony rides?

Ivan & Alyosha

Even Macklemore came out!