Sasquatch: Day 1 Post 1 Hour 1

May 26, 2011

The Sasquatch experience can be defined in many words. "Clean" is not one of them. Though it can be said that the campgrounds are a place where Americans and Canadians come together to coexist in both harmony and drunkenness. Night one of Sasquatch doesn't start at 4pm today when the first band takes the stage, nor tonight when the Foo's rock 25,000 people for their debut Gorge performance. Rather yesterday evening when the first cars pulled into the campgrounds, erected (quit snickering) their tents and began co-mingling with an almost uncomfortable lack of social boundaries. It's funny how in any other situation talking to a complete stranger at a store, or in line for coffee, is considered weird and frowned upon. Yet going off for a quick wander and back you might find a drunken girl in your tent talking on the phone, with no idea that it isn't even hers, and hey, apparently thats normal and now you have a new friend. Or, maybe on your travels around the campsite you've stumbled across the F-ck Bus and my personal favorite, the Murder Bus. One of these titles holds up I hear, I'll leave it to you to figure out which. Basically, Sasquatch camping is an exercise in the art of Gonzo (not the character on the Muppets, Harms.). Come prepared for debauchery, the word "aye", and well, just about anything.

Sights Seen: 8am beer pong. naked guy giving hugs. neal the midnight cowboy.

Quote of the day so far: (Spoken as the Honey Bucket draining truck, beeps at people as it drives through the campground) "That is the complete opposite of the ice cream man." - Eli the Sales guy.

Check back for updates. Things will undoubtedly get weirder and smellier as the weekend continues.

- Bryce