Sasquatch Day 1 Wrap Up

May 28, 2011
Sasquatch day 1 was quite the succsess. Hopefully you left your indie snobbery at home though because today was about the rock.

Kicking things off first thing after doors was the first Washington show of pseudo reunion band Rival Schools (I call it a pseudo reunion only because they had one original album before taking time off) featuring Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits/Quicksand fame. Who played to a mostly empty Bigfoot stage, unfortunate because they packed a powerful punch, and memorable track "Used For Glue" hasn't lost a bite of ferocity over their break. Didn't help their cause as the eager crowd streamed in through the gates they were plagued by intermittent enormous rain drops. (seriously, these things were f-ckin huge, and only hit you once every three or four seconds but boy were you soaked by the end.) Ultimately the truth of the matter is, it's though to be the opening band at any festival, especially when your sound is bathed in 1999 and hipsters abound just don't understand what's happening nor take the time to understand or care about your street cred.

The sets end marked the start of a brief stroll to the Yeti stage as Mariachi El Bronx were already knee deep in their set. Delivering trumpets abound to an enormous crowd of excited kids who had, quite honestly no idea who they were, but it wasn't rock n' roll, and you could sort of dance to it. In all fairness, they were awesome, but lets be real here, they weren't playing to a crowd that size based on reputation. To bring you up to speed, Mariachi El Bronx is the alter Ego of Los Angeles band The Bronx, taking the songs of the later and performing them in the more spanish style (quite brilliantly by the way) HIghlight of the set by far being the bands traditional garments, the awesome pants they had to be there to understand. It was hilarious.

Probably the best and my personally most anticipated set of the day was delivered by Death From Above 1979, who hadn't graced our fair state since '06. Their performance was leaps and bounds beyond that which I described at Coachella (and that shit was awesome) whatever slight of confidence Vocalist/drummer Sebastian had at their previous performances (only two to date since the reunion) had all but washed away as the dude screamed his head off and blasted through song after song like a true champ, never faltering as JFK (doubling also as a member of MSTRKRFT who play the Banana shack Sunday) pumped out a thick and relentless low end through his bass (the band are a mere duo despite their enormous sound)

And of course, we know you didn't forget about the Foo Fighters. Who Kicked off their set with back to back tracks from the new record, Wasting Light before reaching deep into the back catalog. Over the period of 2 hours we heard singles abound mixed with highlights such as album cuts like Generator and Hey, Johnny Park. Let it also be said that there are 2 ways to put on a show. Some bands operate under the philosophy of playing their songs, some witty banter, and moving with ease through the set. This is clearly not the Foo way of operating. Taking cues from many of their classic rock predecessors, the Foo delivered a set planned down to a T featuring jams, false endings, dueling guitars, and enough Dave Grohl scream to satisfy even the biggest superfan. That said, let it be known that Foo Fighters are evolving, they're moving on, graduating, whatever you want to call it. They're not just a band anymore. They're an institution. perhaps nearly on the verge of the earlier mentioned "Classic Rock" especially because, I dont know what it is about classic rock bands but they have the absolute need to use the most cutting edge technology possible all the while displaying the cheesiest lo quality graphics across their many LED screens. Seriously, this is the sign of aging. Don't let that fool you though. The Foo's still pack a mean punch and are every bit worth seeing when they come back to town (presumably this winter at the key, but that is neither confirmed nor rumored). More later. Sorry for the delay on this update as the perilous Campgrounds have claimed my laptop (that'll teach you to lock the car huh)

More coming soon Hopefully. Warming up for the Head and the Heart End Session. Don't forget to stream it on the main page.

In the words of Harms...

Later Nerds.

- Bryce