Sasquatch Day 3 Wrap Up

May 30, 2011
Sasquatch day 3 is pretty equivalent (obviously) to the 3rd of a 4 lap race. It's brutal. Not in a bad way, but it's kind of to the point where your campsite has become your home. You've accepted the fact that you are going to sleep poorly tonight (and expect to be awoken early by terrible frat boy rap music) and your shower that you're going to shell out 3 dollars for (unfairly I might add. You watched those three people sneak in for free and presented your case to the cash lady reasonably before she shot you down) is going to be freezing (seriously, we're talking near blackout hypothermia) and at this point everyone you know smells like the pair of socks you wore for 3 days last week (so some of us hate to do laundry, judge me, whatever). This is not the end of the world. In fact all it means is that you're more in tune with your surroundings at this point and ready for the day ahead.

And what better way to start the day than Seattle native himself, Reggie Watts. Who? The Man, the myth, that neighbor you always thought was on drugs (and probably was) Reggie Watts brought down the Banana Shack with a combination of brilliant wit, stream of consciousness spoken word hilarity, and surprisingly incredible musicianship at times. In a nut shell, I think he's a comedian but combine that with one man show, looped beat boxing, an awesome black dude voice (thats not weird to say, you know what i'm talking about) and an impressive display of piano skills. Reggie stole the show for me this weekend. As a guy who see's many bands each week, to the point where I'm nearly jaded and tough to impress, I truly couldn't wait to see what this dude was gonna do next. HIGHLY recommend checking out his record coming out via DFA.

Somehow managing to pull myself away from Reggies set 10 minutes before the end I hustled over to the mainstage to catch the majority of Sub Pop dreamboats Beach House, who seemed in incredibly odd and high spirits. Singer _____ who had said little more than 3 words in the previous times I'd cought them was a regular chatty cathy, talking and joking with the audience. Wearing a ridiculous leather jacket in the near 70 degree weather she couldnt have looked more out of her element, yet thrive in it. A briliant set as always (is there sucha thing as a bad Beach House set?) Very excited to see these guys finish up their touring cycle and cook up something new.

Next up was a bit of a cluster F- from Das Racist who showed up nearly 40 minutes late to a crowd of thousands at the Yeti stage (and that place is tiny, was definitely surprised to see that many people, that committed to steaking out a spot.) But when they finally did take the stage, you know that sh-t was bananas. From somersaults to swinging from the rafters they brought it good and hard before a quick bolt to Gayngs on the Bigfoot stage who couldnt have been more of the opposite. As my friend Lauren put it, we went from music to F- to, to baby makin jams. Gayngs delivered a slow brew beautiful concoction of white people R&B (as terrible as it sounds, Prince joined them at their first show, so when you have the Purple Ones blessing, I think you're alright) which you couldnt help but sway to and feel, for lack of a better word, smooth as you listened along.

A quick stop by The Flaming Lips was due next, with brilliant looking visuals on a massive scale as always, it felt a bit out of place to see the band take the stage in the Daylight (albeit during one of the most gorgeous sunsets you've ever seen). Wayne came out in his signature bubble fashion, walking and stumbling over the crowd as the band charmed their way through the first few songs of their classic (The Soft Bulletin) and to be honest, while a cool thing for mega fans, it took away from the overall "experience" of seeing The Flips. While their hits are quite a party, they have a real dark side to them, and that certainly came out here at The Gorge when Wayne took time to tell a story of guitar player Stevens hand being nearly cut off from a Spider bite (Somehow this tied into the theme of the record, who knows what that means really though) and as soon as we'd came it was off to Yeasayer who also surprisingly fell flat. To no fault of their own however, the whole set was just too quiet, combined with too much bass and not enough percussion, it was tough to really get down to any of the songs.

This however was not the case for MSTRKRFT who melted faces in the Banana shack mere moments after Yeasayer. Dropping 2 new tracks of their own and a barrage of miscellaneous dance floor mayhem, the fuel of cigarettes and Jack Daniels clearly hit the spot tonight as they stuck around an extra 30 minutes to drop jams as confetti shot out by the tree-full over the sweaty crowd.

Next up was the tough decision between catching part of Headliner Modest Mouse or Guitar Dance bangers RATATAT. We opted of course to catch both, jumping from a few songs of RATATAT over to the main to catch MM's 3 song encore. I swear it's as if Isaac Brock made a pact with the devil, because that dudes voice is tortured. Their music full of bizarre multi-instrumentation, and blasted out to a crowd of devoted thousands, the hill well empty at this point, but the pit still packed, an obvious loveletter expressing how much the band has been missed in their time off. And then, bup bup bup, back to RATATAT where distracted concert goers attempting to leave had been coaxed into dancing for just a little longer as the band played us all off to the campgrounds.

What today brings? Unsure, but so far day 3 may be the best yet. Stay tuned for more end sessions and updates!

- Bryce

P.S. If you feel like giving me a laptop, at this point I'm accepting donations.