Sasquatch Day 4 Wrap Up

May 30, 2011

Day four of Sasquatch is Day 3 of Coachella X 2. I realize that's a lot of math, but really it's just too much. Waking up in your tent smelling like god knows what, your pores clogged from dust, your liver soar from hours upon hours of daytime drinking (and don't forget how you rallied in after the show too). It's almost to the point where it's a bit of a drag, because no matter how excited you are for the acts of the day, it all sort of feels like a big race to the finish. A "how soon can i get home and sleep in my own bed" sort of feeling.

That said, day 4 started awesomely with Wavves taking the mainstage on time (amazingly) at 11:30am and pumping out a bunch of laidback surfrock to a small but devoted crowd of early risers (though it's not like sleeping in at that place is exactly an easy task. Our neighbors never even went to sleep that night, and I now know every lyric to Nelly's "It's getting hot in here" by heart) The sun peaking it's head out early, for another warm day at The Gorge.

Then of course it was a bolt over to the Bigfoot stage to catch the end of Givers set, which let it be known, while the stages are fairly close together, the walk up the side of the main lawn is quite steep. Like, hopefully you've been doing your treadmill runs on some sort of incline because yeah, you're gonna be winded. Givers were great though, very much in the same vein as Edward Sharpe or Mumford and Sons, with an abundance of energy and stage presence. The uplifting tracks were a perfect way to start the day for some as the crowd streamed in and stopped by the stage to have a listen.

The real party kicked off a little later back at the mainstage when Chromeo came out and played to the biggest waterless hipster pool party you've ever seen. Seriously, it was ridiculous, shark floatees, monkey floatees, beach balls, tank tops, hipster neon hats in abundance, it looked like 15,000 people had shown up for MTV spring break but instead just got to get their dance on to the 80's throwback that is Chromeo's sound. Ironically enough it started to rain around the time Surf bands Best Coast and Surfer Blood took their respective stages but the crowd soldiered on, ponchos and all.

Now we get to the douchebaggary that was Skrillex's dj set in the banana shack. Never in my life have i seen so many frat boy douchebags poorly dancing in the same place at one time. Dubstep may be just about the worst thing that's happened. As my friend Lauren so eloquently put it "this is why other countries hate us." Don't get me wrong, Sonny spun a great high energy set, but trying to be around that group of people was just unbearable.

The Highlight of the day however was certainly headliner Wilco who graced us with a two hour set back dropped by an epic lightning storm. A setlist litered with songs from the seminal Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, amidst classics like "Impossible Germany" the band could not have sounded more perfect and in better spirits. Frontman Jeff Tweedy joked "we didn't practice a whole lot for this show...didn't want to put in all that effort just to have the apocalypse happen". His witty banter brought great balance to many of the melancholy tracks they played to one of the smallest headlining crowds I'd seen at The Gorge. If you don't already, i implore you to listen to Wilco, they're amzing, fantastic, just almost indescribably pleasant and an unimaginably prime way to end the weekend before that bitch of a 2.5 hour drive home. (seriously that drive is awful when you start it at midnight).

Until Next Year.....