So, You're In Seattle: Ben Gibbard & Nick Harmer

March 4, 2015
"Do you wanna have Death Cab For Cutie on your podcast?" is the best question I've been asked in ages... well, besides "do you wanna go to Little Woody's?". Ben and new guitarist/pianist Zac played a small EndSession for a handful of people, then Mr. Gibbard and his bass playing pal Nick Harmer came to the station to sit down and shoot the bull.

They were super candid and talked all about the new album, Kintsugi (3/31), and the absence of now departed Chris Walla. I didn't know how they handled the songwriting and ended up looking like a dummy. Also, I confront Ben about dropping off of Twitter - who's gonna yell about the Mariners on the internet now?!

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