So, You're In Seattle: Billy Thompson!

February 23, 2015
Billy Bill BTHOMP Thompson harnesses more natural singing ability and creativity than I could aspire to earn in a lifetime of focused study. When I first started working at The End, I found him asleep one day in a nook in my office when he definitely should have been working his life as a radio advertising executive. That didn't pan out.

Now he's still making music as part of Pierce & Thompson, curating his own radio show, recording crazy songs (Billy The Badger included in the cast), and started his own summer camp for adults to unplug from the digital world - Camp RAHH!! It sounds incredible, and this fun hang we have here may just convince you to come out there! Listen below!

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Some things Billy mentioned:
Camp RAHH! for some digital detox. for awesome music mixes.
Pierce & Thompson his band.
ClipartCards Tumblr that awesome art project I'm stoked about.
Pierce & Thompson Radio Hour.