So, You're In Seattle... Eric Nakassa

July 21, 2015
I've been watching the awesome work this dude posts on Vine for the last year - now all of a sudden, Eric has over 300k followers on his main account! I say main account because he's stepped away from the place that got him the notoriety he wasn't seeking. He now lives online in a secondary spot while he contemplates what to do with the success of his early work. Oh, and he's not even 20, yet!

Eric's got this amazing, effortless confidence packaged in the softest of speech. It was eye-opening to talk to someone who is making a name using 6-second bursts of video as a vehicle. This is a special dude, and I'm stoked I got to meet him and share his meticulous work with you!

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PS: Sorry I've been away for a bit now. I hadn't been feeling much like I had the right things to ask and say from the people I was talking to and needed some time. This is the 50th installment of SYIS, and I was looking for just the right person to talk to for a milestone of such. At the same time, this milestone is just a nice, easy to process number that makes us comfortable and nothing more. Soon, I'll work up the courage to ask Brad Evans to come on the show, too!