So, You're In Seattle: Ian & Mike from Seattle Beer Week

May 6, 2015
This is unprecedented material: I've never done a 1 v 2 "So, You're In Seattle" podcast. Listen below! What a good group of dudes to sit down with for a chat (and a beer). When they arrived at 11:30a, I said "is it too early for a beer?" as they handed me a cold can. "Dude, we've already been drinking today!" Gold. Seattle Beer Week runs for 10 days (5/7-5/17) at bars across Seattle. You've never had a better non-Seahawks reason to go drink beers with your friends!

Ian Roberts and Mike Baker are two of the three masterminds behind Seattle Beer Week. It's a chance to get a ton of beer drinkers together in a room to have a drink. Everyone from the enthusiast level all the way down to just the social sipper is invited to put back a few pints. The chaps give us some history into the event, now in its 7th year. There's also a brew made just for Seattle Beer Week by Silver City Brewery, Sieben Brau, and it's damn good.

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