Subtronic End Playlist 10/10/15

October 15, 2015

Greetings! I thought I'd get right in to it last weekend with some of the latest Funk and Disco tracks I've been digging. All Good Funk Alliance is killing it with their latest album, and putting their sound on Rory Hoy's 'Hey Everybody' was a welcome addition to that remix pack. Sharer's 'Body Tonight' has a lot of tasty remixes floating around as well, and the Midnight Magic remix brings a classic disco sound to a contemporary ear. The break down is reminiscent of Hamilton Bohannon.



Mister T - ‘This Is Not A House Track’ - COLD BUSTED

All Good Funk Alliance - ‘Funk This Jam’ - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS

Fort Knox Five - ‘Pressurize The Cabin’ - FORT KNOX RECORDINGS

Rory Hoy - ‘Hey Everybody’ (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS

Sharer - ‘Body Tonight’ (Midnight Magic Remix) - SHARER MUSIC

The New Black - ‘A Game Of Tones’ - WHISKEY PICKLE


For the second set I'm throwing down some of my favorite grooves of the passing season. And a remix of Kaskades 'Summer Nights' that's he's been keeping to himself all Summer. He opened most of his sets with it, and finally it's been released. Just in time to wrap up the Summer.



Lost Frequencies - ‘Are You With Me’

Plastik Man - ‘EXhale’ (Tale Of Us Remix) 

Joeski - ‘Leave You’

Justin Martin - ‘Function'

Avicii - ‘The Nights’ (Mike Mago Remix) 

My Digital Enemy - ‘Jack My Body’

Kaskade - ‘Summer Nights’ (Meramek Remix)


Set three comes right out of the gates banging with Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique, and some bassy filth from Motez. Claude Vonstroke captured a timeless sound on his remix of 'Go', and if you still haven't heard the new Chemical Bros album, you're blowing it. The rest of the set drives on, and wraps up with a Dusky track that I'm not sure is entirely characteristic of them, but catchy nonetheless. 



Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique - ‘Love Is Free’ - CHERRY TREE RECORDS

Motez - ‘One 2’ - SWEAT IT OUT

The Chemical Brothers ft Qtip - ‘Go’ (Claude Vonstroke Remix) - ASTRALWERKS

Lupe Fuentes - ‘Bad Mother’ (Clean Edit) - IN THE LOOP

Otto Knows - ‘Next To Me’ (Ping Pong Remix) - WARNER BROS

Bes & Meret - ‘Cruising’ - KARMALOFT MUSIC

Dusky - ‘Skin Deep’ - 17 STEPS


My favorite jam right now, by far has to be Linden Jay's remix of 'Misbehave'. I'd play tracks like this all day if I could find them. Fortunately, for sake of diversity, I can't. This set moves in the direction of some polished hits, but comes back around to the latest from Josh Billings, via some grimy sounds from Alec Tronic and Oh Land. 



Shift K3Y - ‘Misbehave’ (Linden Jay Remix) - DIM MAK

Odesza - ‘Say My Name’ (Kastle Remix) - COUNTER RECORDS

Twenty One Pilots - ‘Fairly Local’ - FUELED BY RAMEN

Kygo - ‘Firestone’ - RCA

David Guetta - ‘Dangerous’ (Robin Schulz Remix) 

Spada - ‘Cool Enough’ (Alec Troniq Remix) - ROBBINS ENTERTAINMENT


Josh Billings - ‘Perspective’ - UDM RECORDS


Kicking off set five is a track you should have, 'New Dorp New York' was a D&D track a few months back. After a solid Odesza remix, this set just lays back and grooves with some respectable musicianship from Caribou and Flight Facilities. Wrapping it up from the underground is another mix of Josh Billings 'Perspective', and Shake Machine on the remix of 'Drive'. I hope you're feeling these last two, because I plan on getting some play out of them. 



SBTRKT - ‘New Dorp. New York’ - YOUNG TURKS

Odesza - ‘Memories That You Call’ (Henry Krinkle Remix) - COUNTER RECORDS

Caribou - ‘Your Love Will Set You Free’ (C2’s Set U Free Remix)

Flight Facilities - ‘Stand Still’ (Mario Basanov Remix)

Josh Billings - ‘Perspective’ (Nonfiction Remix) - UDM RECORDS

Drive - ‘Dance To The Beat’ (Shake Machine Remix) - DISCOBOX RECORDS


I thought a bit of Techno would be a nice compliment to this week's show, and a beautiful way to wrap it up. I ease you in to it with something catch from Royksopp and Robin. Then it's into the depths with ReYou, Plastik Man, and Kolsch who's killing it right now with his new album. And as Claude Vonstroke can do no wrong, we call it a night with his remix of Disclosure feat Sam Smith. Get used to hearing their name, they are huge and continue to rise. See you next week. Zach



Royksopp ft Robyn - ‘Monument Dance’ (Marcus Marr Remix) 

ReYou - ‘Watching You’

Plastik Man - ‘EXhale’ (Dixon’s Just A Different Mixdown Version)

Ali Love - ‘Emperor’ (The Foreigners Remix)

Monkey Safari - ‘Cranes’ (Kolsch Remix)

Stephen Bodzin - ‘Sungam’

Disclosure ft Sam Smith - ‘Omen’ (Claude Vonstroke Remix) - ISLAND / PMR