Subtronic End Preview

Some Tracks You Should Hear Now

August 27, 2015

Rory Hoy - ‘Hey Everybody’ (Dr Bone Remix) - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS

This groove gets your undivided attention right out of the gates. And when the horns kick! Oh crap. Since this pack of remixes was released, I come and go as to which is my favorite. This week it’s Dr Bones’ mix. I’m right at home with the breakbeat, organic and timeless. And there’s another surprise in the bridge. Loving the vintage Funk sound with contemporary lyrics. After all, it’s a Saturday night, and I’m feeling alright. 


Shift K3Y & Born Dirty - ‘Misbehave’ (Linden Jay Remix)*EXPLICIT!!* - DIM MAK

This is the cut!! Simply put. This is the style of music that got me spinning records 20 years ago. Genre spanning, timeless electronic music production. And with the vocal, it couldn’t get any filthier. This track is devastating, and will tear up any floor. Hell, it’ll tear up the drivers seat in your car when it drops on my show this weekend. 


Kate Tempest - ‘Lonely Daze’ - BIG DADA

Enter Kate Tempest, English word-smith. She’s a poet, and spoken word artist (aren’t they one in the same?) Anyway, this album is one of the best I’ve heard in years. It’s not new, it came out last year. But I can’t stop listening to it, so I’m sharing it more now. I suppose it falls in to the Hip-Hop category, but it’s so much more. She does what she does best over the course of the album, tell a story. It’s beautiful at times, brutal at others. But the production is compelling and musical, no attempt was made to polish this in a way the commercial music industry demands. Listen to more Kate Tempest. 


Kaskade - ‘Summer Nights’ (Meramek Remix) - ARKADE

I never played Summer Nights on Subtronic. I just didn’t get around to it. That happens more than you can imagine. There’s just too much music to keep up with, and so little time to play it all (3 hrs/week). But I put this on the show last week, the day after I heard it. The production is impeccable, and tasty. It has just the right bounce going, and the instrumentation compliments the vocals in a way that will give the track some longevity. We’ve a few Summer nights to go, so this one delivered just in time. 


Matthew Koma - 'So F**kin' Romantic’ (Tim Gunter Remix)*EXPLICIT!* - RCA

Matthew Koma has been a creative force on a number of EDM anthems. You’ve probably heard his work with Zedd, Allesso, and even Giorgio Moroder, to name a few. Finally, he’s released his first single, and it’s super catchy. If he’d released it last Spring, it would be one of the most recognizable hits of the Summer by now. But it’s just in time to make contender. I got my hand on a few remixes, and as usually is the case, I find one I like better than the original. Tim Gunter comes with a groove that can work just as well on the dance floor, as it does cruising over the Cascades for a late summer road trip. People will be singing a long to this in no time.