Subtronic End Tracklist, 8/22/2015

August 26, 2015

I didn't have any guests in this week. I wanted to take some time and dig through some of my favorite tracks from the past year, and some others that I honestly haven't really listened to much. Bumbershoot is coming up, and I'm the house DJ in Key Arena all weekend. So I took some time to think about what I might play. 


The first set has a really, groovy break beat vibe. Perfect for grooving around to, and edgy enough to keep your attention. All these sound huge on the sound system. 


For the second set, I dug in to a folder of tracks I'd compiled for a whole show dedicated to the USC Lucky party back in March. That was probably the loudest show of the year, and not entirely in the style that I like to play, but I was out to support our scene, and so duty called. I pulled some banging hip hop and dnb out to work into a set this weekend. 


I think I had the most fun with set three, and can't exactly say why. First of all, the opening Shift K3Y track is right up my alley, exactly the sound I could play all night. It's my favorite track at the moment, and you won't see me step up to the decks without dropping it any time soon. There's some tasty Odesza in there, and 21 pilots, who you won't hear much on Subtronic. But it's a track we don't ever play on the end, and has a dark vibe I can dig. And then there's the sinister Alec Troniq remix of Spada, that I simply can't play enough of. And don't under estimate for a second the bass on that Mercury Dub Remix of Oh Land. What a banger. Oh, and that brand new Matt Lang on the tail end of a set there? That was just me teasing, my apologies. 


The fourth set is a little all over the place sonically, but it works. ‘Are You With Me’ might be the most musical track on the commercial charts this year. Unassuming, and inviting. Tale of Us made a big impact on me this year after seeing them at Q, and remembering how patient musical direction can be. Justin Martin’s banger ‘Function’ is as timeless as any Dirtybird track, and I played it out a bit when it was released, but I had fun pulling it back out this weekend. And then there’s Kaskade. This is the first I’ve played of ‘Summer Nights’ so far on the show, and if you heard this remix, you’ll have no doubt why. It’s not that I don’t like the original, I just never got around to playing it. And this mix has a lot more of what I personally look for in a track, so I was stoked it was sent my way.


Set five kicked off with a SBTRKT track that we gave away this year as a Discover & Download. It was loved by many, but not enough to keep it in rotation, so I threw it on for the heads. I’ve never met Henry Krinkle, but of all the prolific producers out right now, I have a feeling I’d get along with him best. He seems like a bit of a science geek, someone who thinks at least, and his Odesza rework is gorgeous. Flight Facilities is in there with Mario Bassanov’s remix, and the Sasha remix of Hot Chip exhibits the best of both of them. And then another track I couldn’t be more pleased with, Jonas Rathsman on the remix of Disclosure ft Sam Smith. Sam Smith is huge, there’s no denying that, and Disclosure has some studio chops. But Jonas Rathsman brings this track to life. He injects it with a sensibility it lacked in the original. Absolutely gorgeous, and you’ll be hearing in a lot in my sets. 


Finally, I got in to set six with a brand new remix of Gorgon City, nice and bouncy. This set didn’t stand out to me on Saturday night, but looking back, it might have been the most compelling. De’Antonio & Dorian are holding it down with ‘Speak To Your Soul’, and Dirtybird makes another appearance with Claude Vonstrokes wacky jam ‘Make A Cake’. Then more Matt Lange. I know his music might scare you, but don’t be afraid, it just has depth that most Dance music lacks these days, something profound. And wrapping it up was another of my favorites, ‘Fall’ from Kidnap Kid. I have a hand full of remixes of this, but still loving the sound of the original. 

More slamming tracks coming your way next Saturday night, 10 - 1am on Subtronic End. - Zach

Zach Van Lue 10p - 1a


Stanton Warriors - ‘Loving Me Wrong’

Justin Jay - ‘Altitude’

Obu - ‘Time Machine’ (Planet King Remix) - DIMENTIQUE

Icarus - ‘Missing You’

Aaron Snapes - ‘Here They Go Again’

Defkline - ‘Bass Shaker’



‘Mars Battle’ - Dstar

‘The Pit’ ft Method Man (Brillz Remix) - Adam F, Doctor P

‘Here To Stay’ (Delta Heavy Remix) - Zomboy

‘The Formula’ (Break Remix) - Hydro, Mako

‘Swerve’ - TC

‘Funktion’ - Ed Rush, Optical

‘Stepped Outside’ - Loadstar



Shift K3Y & Born Dirty - ‘Misbehave’ (Linden Jay Remix) - DIM MAK

Odesza - ‘Say My Name’ (Kastle Remix) - COUNTER RECORDS

21 Pilots - ‘Fairly Local’ 

Kygo - ‘Firestone’ - RCA

David Guetta - ‘Dangerous’ (Robin Schulz Remix)

Spada - ‘Cool Enough’ (Alec Troniq Remix) ROBBINS ENTERTAINMENT

Oh Land - ‘Head Up High’ (Mercury Dub Remix) - TUSK OR TOOTH

Matt Lange - ‘Ripples’ - MAU5TRAP



Lost Frequencies - ‘Are You With Me’

Plastikman - ‘EXpand’ (Tale Of Us Remix)

Justin Martin - ‘Function’ 

Avicii - ‘The Nights’ (Mike Mago Remix)

My Digital Enemy - ‘Jack My Body’

Kaskade - ‘Summer Nights’ (Meramek Remix) - ARKADE



SBTRKT - ‘New Dorp New York’

Odesza - ‘Memories That You Call’ (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Caribou - ‘Your Love Will Set You Free’ (C2’s Set U Free Remix)

Flight Facilities - ‘Stand Still’ (Mario Basanov Remix)

Hot Chip - ‘Flutes’ (Sasha Remix)

Disclosure ft Sam Smith - ‘Omen’ (Jonas Rathsman Remix) - PMR/ISLAND



Gorgon City ft Romans - ‘Saving My Life’ (Terrace Dub Mix) - VIRGIN EMI

Whitney Fierce - ‘The Night Air’ (Human Movement Remix) - RIS LABS

De’Antonio & Dorian - ‘Speak To Your Soul’ (Vital Remix) - HARMONIOUS DISCARD

Cut Snake & Wongo - ‘Maybe Why Not’ - WARNER BROS

Claude Vonstroke - ‘Make A Cake’ - DIRTYBIRD

Matt Lange - ‘My Love Aside’ - MAU5TRAP

Kidnap Kid - ‘Fall’ - BIG BEAT RECORDS