Subtronic End Track List 8/8/15

August 12, 2015

I hope by now you've heard the new Chemical Brothers album, because it is banging! It holds true to the classic sound that pioneered Dance music for a new generation, yet keeps current with contemporary grooves. The track 'Go' guests Q-Trip from Tribe Called Quest, and I didn't think it could get any bigger, until Claude Vonstroke got his hands on it. The result is a simple break beat, that is HUGE!! With vocal samples that transcend this earthly planet, and travel off in to space. It's entirely coincidental that I set it up with another unrelated track, also called ‘Go’.  The first set also features a remix of Obu’s ‘Time Machine’, solid, dignified underground Dance music. You’ll also see the new Whitney Fierce in there who’s toured with New Order. 


Second set is solid Funk and Disco. All Good Funk Alliance and Fort Knox Five are killing it right now, and the funky sounds coming out in this set are a refreshing change from the bombardment of EDM that has taken over the world. And keep an eye on Sharer and Rory Hoy, and all the remixes. Or I should say, keep an ear out, because it’s not the last you’ll hear of those tracks. 


I felt like easing into some Techno for the third set, and Marcus Marr on the remix of Royksopp was a perfect way to get there. Nothing need be said about Plastikman, and a bit of Re.You and Kolsch work magic in a set with his legendary style. 


Set four features some big sounds from Nero and Kidnap Kid, weaving in and out of some of the freshest underground tracks I’ve been getting my hands on. Drive’s ‘Dance To The Beat’ is timeless, the original and the remix. That track will still sound fresh in 10 years. And Justin’s Faust ‘Women Beat Their Men’ is a joint that will turn any occasion upside down, just listen to the drums on that. See you next Saturday. - Zach


Public Service Broadcasting - ‘Go’ (Fjaak Remix) - TEST CARD RECORDINGS

The Chemical Brothers - ‘Go’ (Claude Vonstroke Remix) - VIRGIN/EMI/ASTRALWERKS

Obu - ‘Time Machine’ (Planet King Remix) - DIMENTIQUE

Whitney Fierce - ‘The Night Air’ (Human Movement Remix) - RIS LABS

De’Antonio & Dorian - ‘Speak To Your Soul’ (Vital Remix) - HARMONIOUS DISCARD

Cut Snake & Wongo - ‘Maybe Why Not’ - THREE SIX ZERO MUSIC/WARNER BROS




Mister T - ‘This Is Not A House Track’ - COLD BUSTED

All Good Funk Alliance - ‘Funk This Jam’ - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS 

Fort Knox Five - ‘Pressurize The Cabin’ - FORT KNOX RECORDINGS

Rory Hoy - ‘Hey Everybody’ (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) - SUPER HI-FI RECORDINGS

Sharer - ‘Body Tonight’ (Midnight Magic Remix) - SHARER MUSIC 

The New Black - ‘A Game Of Tones’ - WHISKEY PICKEL 




Royksopp ft Robyn - ‘Monument Dance’ (Marcus Marr Mix)

Re.You - ‘Watching You'

Plastikman - ‘EXhale’ (Dixon’s Just A Different Mixdown Version) 

Ali Love - ‘Emperor’ (The Foreigners Remix)

Monkey Safari - ‘Cranes’ (Kolsch Remix)




Nero - ‘The Thrill’ (Kant Remix) - INTERSCOPE

W Jeremy - ‘Summer’ - GET UP RECORDINGS

Kidnap Kid - ‘Freedom’ - BIG BEAT RECORDS

Drive - ‘Dance To The Beat’ (Shake Machine Remix) - DISCOBOX RECORDS

Justin Faust - ‘Women Beat Their Men’ - NURVOUS RECORDS

Rob Garza & Neighbor - ‘Your Calling’ (DPN Remix) - MAGNETIC MOON

Whitney Fierce - ‘Breath’ - RIS LABS