Summer Camp Recap!

September 6, 2011
The long slow build up to one giant event is always sort of a weird thing when you get there, because after months of waiting, in a sudden flash it's already over. And what are you left with? A bunch of pictures of course! And it was no surprise, you were eager to be finished with the waiting and onto the partying with around 100 of you already waiting outside when we opened the Summer Camp doors! (how many of you had mom and dad drop you off and kiss you goodbye?) First thing's first though, if you think words are boring and you're just trying to see the action click here for the full Summer Camp photo gallery...

Things couldn't have gone down any more perfectly as we, the End faithful invaded Marymoor park on the sunniest of sunny summer days (a real rarity and pleasant surprise as I'm sure we all know) Some charging the stage for a good spot on the rail all day, others just hangin back, steaking out the good ground to picnic on...

And of course there was music! Redlight King and Viva Brother kicked things off, the latter of the two displaying an impressive amount of what kids these days I'm told call "Swagger", channeling much of the energy dispelled into the universe by Oasis in their early days, (you know, confidence AND good tunes?) Before Middle Class Rut took the stage and pounded through a quick set of angst filled jams apparently dedicated to Mark Lanegan (for real, did you know that "New Low" was written about the Screaming Trees frontman?)

Portugal the Man filled the midday spot quite nicely and with surprising ease as mere weeks ago their van and all of their gear was stolen from Lollapalooza and it was up for debate whether or not the guys would even be making it to their Summer Camp slot. BUT as fate would have it, the stars aligned and they recovered their stolen goods and played the best local (and i use that term loosely, onstage they claimed to be from alaska, portland AND seattle) set of the day.

And then there was AWOLnation who made everybody go bananas. Seriously, it was a mid-day mosh/crowd-surfing extravaganza like I'd never see outside of German rock festivals, Led along on a short leash by the band who exerted impressive amounts of energy and charisma from the stage (hope none of you got any of that all over your face)

Another definite highlight (despite the sailor mouth on singer, Ritzy...seriously I cuss a lot but I was impressed at the number of F-bombs she churned out in under an hour) was The Joy Formidable who are such a powerful band for being only a 3 piece. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the last time I caught a band with a wall of guitar sounding that huge was Muse, and if that says anythign about anything, these 3 are on their way to the top. Also, after dark Manchester Orchestra delivered an incredibly powerful set that I'm pretty sure left no one unscathed (seriously, I was pretty tipsy by then and even my attention was held, so thats saying something) before Neon Trees closed things out with a huge dance party underneath the stars.

But of course the real star of the show, (as cheesy as it sounds, and believe me, I'm writing it and it sounds cheesy so it must be) You guys! Until everyone lays down their blankets and kicks back with friends, or rushes the stage and cheers along to the bands, its just a big empty venue, but thanks to you it wasn't just another day in the park, it was The End's Summer Camp. Click the panoramic pic below and see if you can spot yourself, see you next year! (or maybe in a few, ya never know with this summer camp thing ;) )