Discover New Music On 107.7 The End Wherever You Go

107.7 The End is your hook-up for new music discovery, but did you know you can take us with you where ever you go? Just download the totally free app and then you can listen anytime, anywhere – no radio required. Then once you have the app, make sure you “favorite” The End, so you can...
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Gorillaz Create Augmented Reality App

Wanna know what the Gorillaz house looks like? Download the new Gorillaz app to get the tour! The augmented reality app dropped today, and, according to Pitchfork , it’ll essentially use your smartphone camera to alter your surroundings with superimposed pieces from the band’s music videos. The...
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Take The End With You Wherever You Go

You love The End, and we love you, so we should never be apart. When you download the new app, we’ll always be right at your fingertips, so you never have to go without Gregr, Manley, or Alyssa, or miss your chance at New Music Discovery. Make sure you “favorite” 107.7 The End so we know...
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