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;) Video of Can't Get You More Pregnant - blink-182
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WATCH: Travis Barker Performs with Run the Jewels

On Wednesday night (2/1), Blink 182’s Travis Barker performed “All Due Respect” with hip-hop duo Run the Jewels during a show at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. The song is featured on RTJ’s 2014 album, Run the Jewels 2. The lyrics in this fan video are NSFW, so pop in some headphones and...
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That One Time.....I Hung With Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus

It's no surprise that being a world (city) famous (barely) radio star comes with a pretty sweet lifestyle, and a lot of times I find myself in situations where all I can think of is "can you believe this?!" For the sake of entertainment (for you) and embarrassment (for me), I thought it would be...
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By Gregr

List of Seattle Shows You Can See With Ticketmaster Voucher

Ticketmaster got themselves in a bit of pickle after a court decided it didn't like them charging suspicious fees from 1999-2013. What wasn't expected from the result, a class action settlement that ends up hooking you up with ticket vouchers for free shows... well, I mean... you already paid for...
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Gimme [email protected]: April 28, 2016

Join us each day as Manley tallies up the top five requests and play them back at 5:00 p.m. Want to make sure your requests get heard? Here's how: Shoot us a text @ 91077 Leave a comment on Give us a Tweet @1077TheEnd (make sure to use #2minutepromise to really get on our...
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