Instagram Launches New Feature to Silence Bullies

There is a rise in cyberbullying nationwide, according to the National Center for Education Statistics . Studies from the organization show that three times as many girls are reporting being harassed online or text message than boys. Instagram has released a new in-app feature that is allowing...
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Be More Than a Bystander

In order to help build this "bully-free environment," we've gathered some important resources to help parents and kids deal with bullying. You can view everything you need to know about stopping -- and preventing -- bullying by clicking here .
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Be More Than A Bystander

13 million kids, that’s more than 1 in 4, will experience bullying this year. Everyone knows someone who’s been bullied. While there hasn’t been an organized national campaign to help stop bullying, grassroots efforts are beginning to take hold. And for good reason: research is already showing that...
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