DoStuff: Rob Paulsen Brings 'Animaniacs' Characters To Life In Seattle

Rob Paulsen is largely responsible for how weird I am today and perhaps even you, too. He's a voice actor responsible for some of the most iconic cartoons since the early 80's. Most notably, he voiced Yakko on the beloved Animaniacs . Let me start with a video, because it comes up alot in the...
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'Daria' to Reportedly Make an MTV Return

MTV’s beloved, notoriously cynical, monotone cartoon character Daria is headed back to MTV, the network announced.
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Nerd Talk: The 10 Best Robots from 80’s Movies

I grew up in a time before digital effects dominated the big screen - you had to leave it to cartoons to really let the imagination go wild. Because of this, the effects of the 1980's today often look pretty dumb. But let George Lucas and those awful Star Wars prequels remind you that digital doesn...
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