Fans Are Totally Weirded Out by Jason Momoa's Super Bowl Commercial

There’s nothing like a Super Bowl to get you oddly excited for commercials. Some of last night’s Super Bowl LIV commercials, however, had viewers raising eyebrows. One moment in particular that comes to mind is an unshakeable image of Jason Momoa shedding his muscles. Fans saw Momoa lounging in a...
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From Bill Murray to Jimmy Fallon: The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2020

While watching the best teams of the year face off against each other is reason enough to tune into the Super Bowl, many fans can't wait to see what ads have earned the highly coveted slots during Super Bowl breaks. The ads are arguably some of the best parts about enjoying the Big Game. From...
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Jimmy Fallon Works Out With John Cena in Michelob Super Bowl Commercial

Michelob Ultra has tapped Jimmy Fallon and John Cena for its Super Bowl commercial. The beer company surprisingly focused their ad on fitness and explained to TODAY that they wanted to find a man who “loved drinking beer and hated working out.” "Luckily for me, when you Google that, my name is the...
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This Commercial Made Me Immediately Want To Buy My Kid A Piano

My god. Never in my life have I felt the need to buy a product that I saw a commercial for more than this commercial - unfortunately for whoever made the commercial, the product I want to buy isn't theirs: Holy shit. This commercial. — James Corden (@JKCorden) November 15...
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Rivers Cuomo of Weezer live performance

Watch Rivers Cuomo of Weezer Sing in Japanese for Uniqlo Commercial

According to Stereogum , Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and Scott Murphy of punk band Allister teamed up in a new commercial for clothing retailer Uniqlo. The commercial features the duo singing a folksy tune completely in Japanese. Check it out below! Stereogum notes that Cuomo and Murphy have...
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