Peanut and Gregr at home on the couch

The Best Super Bowl Commercials with Gregr and Peanut

Super Bowl Sunday with my mother in law in town from Atlanta meant we weren’t missing a moment of the full weekend action. #PoorDeb. It was also my non-sports loving wife’s birthday. #PoorLori. Every year we watch commercials that wealthy companies spend too much money making that we inevitably...
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WATCH: Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

In case you live under a rock, the Super Bowl was last night. While the ratings were lower than last year, the cost of commercials was at an all-time high, coming in at about $5 million for 30 seconds, according to Forbes. See if that was money well-spent with our favs below: Bai Christopher Walken...
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Beastmode: Which Commercial Is Best?

For those of us that have lived outside the Seattle area - and I'm not talking about watching Seattle stations in Vancouver BC or Eastern Washington - for those of us that have lived somewhere like Tucson, Arizona where there are no major sports teams, you know how awesome it is when big name...
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The 2 Minute Promise

Q. Why did you decide to start the 2 Minute Promise ® ? A. We asked you, our listeners, to help us understand what would make The End a better station. You told us the #1 issue was too many commercial blocks that seem to go on forever. That’s why the 2 Minute Promise ® was born – to give you fewer...
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