I Learned A Lot Hanging Out With TSA

Supported by The TSA agents at Sea-Tac International Airport worked without pay from before Christmas until days before February. What the fluff? That's mortgages and rent unpaid, utilities in threat of being shut off, and some kids going to school without food. We called our pals at...
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I loved the eye tester robot looking thing as a kid!

Free Medical, Dental, Vision Services This Weekend at Key Arena

It's the Seattle King County Clinic and this is the weekend for any of my friends or foes who lack access to medical services to get some free help. Healthcare is an impossible sea of sharks and beasts and those barely staying afloat expertly navigated by few in our country. Luckily a team of...
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HealthPoint Community Event

The Redmond HealthPoint Clinic is a hosting a Health and Wellness Community Event on Saturday, September 9th from 11am - 2pm. HealthPoint is a community-based, supported and governed, non-profit health center dedicated to providing expert, high-quality care to the community. They will have...
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Girl Scout Cookies for Dogs?!

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but we’re already a week into cookie season and I’ve yet to run into any Girl Scouts exploiting my weakness for sugar! Quickly, these are the best Girl Scout cookies in order: Thin Mints Tagalongs Do-si-dos Look, I’m not a Samoas guy. Gross. Usually by this time of...
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