Hannah Ferguson as NOVA from Starcraft cosplay

Up Your Costume Game With Hannah Ferguson of Zak Labs

I remember going to Blue C Sushi (RIP) after work some years ago without doing the "con" math. Everywhere around me, kids with costumes or floofy tails or both were abound - some eating in the restaurant, others on the receiving end of perplexed looks from downtown traffic barely edging along...
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Ash Evil Dead Cosplay

So, You're In Seattle... Master Cosplayer, Brian Morris

Following last year's inaugural Renton City Comic Con (Ren-Con), I was told to interview Brian Morris for his incredible skills at making killer cosplay. Hold the fork, what is cosplay? We have tons of different "cons" in the Seattle area: Emerald City Comic Con, PAX, Sakura Con, Orcacon, Norwescon...
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Nerd Talk - November 1, 2016

I can't believe that we're already almost ready to screw up writing 2016 instead of '17 on everything... focus on Thanksgiving... Anyway, wouldn't it be fun if we made the presidential candidates do cosplay before the election? Imagine what costumes they would choose - and NO buying a get up from...
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