Dave Grohl

Download A New Foo Fighters EP for Free!

Not nearly as much speculation went into the mystery Foo Fighters countdown clock that had been ticking for a month leading up to midnight on Monday, November 23rd as we've put into Star Wars Episode VII - to be fair, the Foo Fighters don't have a Millennium Falcon or a broadsword lightsaber.....
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Dave Grohl Says Foo's Got Kicked Off The Emmys

First off, are the Emmys the best award show? I only watched highlights bc you know, Seahawks were on at the same time - I'd like to see the rating in just Seattle for the Emmys compared to national average, but I digress. TMZ found Dave Grohl hobbling out to his car, covered in fancy clothing,...
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New Music Discovery: Eagles of Death Metal "Complexity"

I thought for sure this band hand tossed in the bar towel on their awesome run of rock n' roll records, but thanks to great news today I know that Jesse Huges and Joshua Homme haven't slowed down a bit since 2008's Heart On . Finally, some new music from the duo found it's way to the internet (...
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Foo Fighters @ Showbox 11.28.14

It’s been nearly 20 years since I last saw the Foo Fighters perform live. I paid $10 to see them at LaLuna in Portland in 1995. I remember at the time my friends and I didn’t know anything about the band, only that the lead singer used to be the drummer for Nirvana. We made t he drive up from...
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