Deck the Hall Ball

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Deck the Hall Ball 2019

December 10, 2019 at WaMu Theater Doors 4pm // show at 5pm Tickets on sale NOW
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We're partnering with Pearl Jam to raise more money for kids!

Not only does Pearl Jam make music we love, but the guys in the band are decent dudes who like to do nice things for the community. This year, here at The End we are continuing our partnership with Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation to keep raising money for Treehouse by donating $2 from every ticket...
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From the Vault: Jimmy Eat World "The Middle" acoustic in 2010

Supported by Elysian Brewing Company: Jimmy Eat World is a veteran band of Deck the Hall ball , and back in 2010 they played a special, intimate performance backstage, which included an acoustic version of their hit song from Bleed American, "The Middle." More "From The Vault" performances Check it...
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My Goodness' Andy Lum used Snapchat Spectacles to capture what playing the Deck the Hall Ball stage is like

Snapchat Spectacles are still making their shaky newborn legs way into the world, but more and more posts are making their way to social and we are starting to see what the glasses can do in the wild. READ: What the hell are Snapchat Spectacles? At Deck the Hall Ball on Tuesday night, Andy Lum of...
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The Top Moments from Deck the Hall Ball 2016

Candy, puppies, more puppies, and Jimmy Eat World playing Christmas music for 1,000s of people. All in the day's work at Deck the Hall Ball. COIN interviewed themselves while holding puppies and Band of Horses threw candy at everyone. Amazing. Here were the best moments from DTHB 2016 Photos: The...
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COIN did 107 Seconds with each other...with puppies

One of the best parts of Deck the Hall Ball , Summer Camp and any time we get bands in the studio is getting them to do weird things with us, like answering as many questions as they can in 107 seconds. The best, though, is when we get to do weird things AND get to pet puppies. COIN did that...
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Gallery: The Best Photos from Deck the Hall Ball 2016

All the best photos from Deck the Hall Ball 2016 at Key Arena, featuring Empire of the Sun , The Head and the Heart , Jimmy Eat World , Phantogram , Glass Animals , Band of Horses , COIN and My Goodness .
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Deck The Hall Ball Weekend Playlist

Deck the Hall Ball is only a few short days away, you guys! I'm SO excited to hang out, take selfies, dance, and watch bands with all of you. To get in the mood (and to remind you procrastinators that its really time to get those tickets) I made a playlist of the DTHB songs I'm super excited to...
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5 Weird Empire of the Sun Costumes You May See at DTHB

On the fifth day of Deckmas, my true love gave to me.. Empire of The Sun is known for their elaborate stage sets and crazy cool weird outfits, so it's very likely we'll get to see more than one of these five during their set at Deck The Hall Ball on Tuesday! A photo posted by empireofthesunsound (@...
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6 Deck The Hall Ball Tips

On the 6th day of Deckmas... I’m here with six very important Deck the Hall Ball tips...just the tips. 1. Do NOT talk to the DTHB troll. Not only are we pretty sure it’s actually me, this thing has been known to drink all of the beers you buy and then hug you with its disgusting wet drooly beard...
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