How I Became So Nerdy

The March for Science Seattle gathers the nerds together in Cal Anderson Park (and around the nation) because science is the best method for understanding the natural world. Wizards are cool, but obviously, their magic is forbidden. Science can produce fantastic emotions, but thanks to science, we...
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Rawr a wild Giraffadactyl

You're Good At Drawing: Giraffadactyl

When I got married last summer, no one changed their name, but now it's time. We were laughing about potential last names we could both change to because we do things the way we want. Amongst a sea of silly ideas that combine both our surnames, I started being a jackass and suggesting things I...
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Nerd Talk - August 31, 2016

Turns out that the way you talk to dogs, like babies, is determined by how you make the noises - someone stuffed a bunch of dogs into an fMRI machine to study how their dumb dog brains work! Nerd Talk - August 31, 2016 Read More: 1. Careful what you say to the dog ... 2. The cost of that iPhone,...
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Nerd Talk: Your Move, Creep!

Seriously, we went back and rewrote jokes (badly). This is peak Friday production on a day otherwise reserved for donuts and beer (separately except for that one time). Nerd Talk - June 24, 2016 Read more: 1. PotBot, an app not an evil weed robot, will help you find the right medical strain of...
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New York Has So Many Dinosaurs!!

The American Museum of Natural History is SO BADASS! Look, let's make this simple: New York City is the most interesting place I've ever been. I've never felt better about SO MANY people of all different cultures, races, fashions all running around together with purpose - grinding, struggling,...
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