Episode 62 - Shanecast

Special guest superstar, Pepper, joined this cast. She revealed to us that her beautifully bearded boyfriend Shane wasn't listening to the cast anymore - a real dummy. So, in honor of his birthday, we didn't tell him, but we decided to dedicate an entire cast to his greatness. CAUTION: there is a...
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Episode 59 - I'll Be Discreet

This is effectively the Manley cast because that guy has been super busy - first he went to a wedding with his equivalent to Ron Swanson's Tammy 2, then rode the fart train, then he tried to keep Meg Myers off the fart train. It's been a busy week for the dude. We'd love to hear your embarrassing...
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053 - Thursdays This Fall

We didn't think it was possible for Gregr to upset Manley worse than last time with all the films that haven't been seen, but the ginger pulls it off. To be fair, Gregr isn't really a full ginger - brown hair + ginger beard... what do you even call that? There was this crazy baseball play where...
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