You Can Now Decorate Your Home With Funko's The Office Christmas Figurines

As our pal Gregr once said: Funko HQ in Everett is a wonderful local treasure. He's not wrong! I finally popped into the magical store over the Summer and walked away with some new deskmates! Gah -- I could have spent a ton of -- at @originalfunko! Walked away with a few new desk friends, though...
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Alaska Airlines Just Started Selling Tickets from Paine Field!

Supported by StickerYou.com February 11, 2019, is the planned first day of commercial flights from Everett's Paine Field to a small list of west coast cities. Alaska Airlines is now selling tickets for 18 flights a day from the north end. At the same time, Southwest Airlines, who planned to join...
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Funko HQ in Everett Is A Wonderful Local Treasure

Supported by StickerYou.com I love a place that makes people smile like children regardless of their age. I am hard pressed to think of a spot that does this more than the Funko HQ in Everett. Funko is a collectibles store, pretty simple and straight forward until you walk through the door and feel...
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More great music videos from local artists Skating Polly, Belgian Fog

We have been talking about a lot of great new music videos from Locals Only favorites lately. Sol released an instant classic last week for his song "If You Don't Call." Damien Jurado had a very scenic video for his new song "Over Rainbows and Rainier" that featured plenty of epic drone shots of...
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Listen to Oliver Elf Army on Locals Only

This Sunday night (6/18) Mary and Martin of the Everett band Oliver Elf Army are going to be my guests on Locals Only . Listen: New Music from Portland-based Beth Ditto Oliver Elf Army is having a good year with the release of their Telescope EP, a video for the single "Black Nikes" and their...
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USA Curling Nationals @ Xfinity Arena

Curling: That Weird Winter Sport Has Invaded Everett!

I wish I could understand what it is that makes curling so hypnotizing. It’s slow, quiet, and cold yet I’m trapped in its gaze like a starship trying to escape the Empire - in this case, caught in a very Canadian tractor beam. A seemingly simple game of ice shuffleboard using stones the size of a...
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So, You're In Seattle... Donna Prior of OrcaCon

So, You're In Seattle... Donna Prior of Orcacon

Monopoly, battleship, trivial pursuit - all huge names that come to mind when I think of tabletop gaming - a newer name to that group Settlers of Catan is becoming a household regular favorite. Don’t forget the classic roleplay of Dungeons and Dragons or table top king, Magic the Gathering. That’s...
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Stomping Grounds: The best spots to hit up in Everett

Supported by Uber I have been living in Everett, Wash. since the 5th grade. For years people have been asking why I stick around and the answer is, "We’re right in the middle of everything." 40 minutes from Seattle. An hour from Bellingham. If I liked skiing, I guess I would be excited about our...
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Locals Only Playlist: October 30 with Jason Webley

Everett artist Jason Webley dropped by Locals Only this week to talk music and promote a big event he is putting together called "100 Years Tomorrow" "100 Years Ago Tomorrow" is Friday, November 4 and will feature local musicians performing original songs inspired by the events surrounding the...
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Steven Graham hosting Locals Only

So, You're In Seattle... Steven Graham

It's Steven with a "v", not a "ph". Like so many people in the Seattle music community, Steven Graham grew up listening to 1077 The End. It’s super cool that with a combination of love of local shows and musicians and a willingness to connect with people like Pepper, our previous Locals Only host,...
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